Purong Sarap (Pure Deliciousness!)

Puro sa sarap

Locally known as “Patis“, fish sauce is used as a cooking ingredient or a condiment in the Philippines, is usually a byproduct of the fermentation process when creating bagoong. It’s a popular ingredient for most Asian dishes, and the Philippines has made it into a daily staple on their tables.

But what differentiates our patis from most?

Our patis is dervied from pure Dilis, meaning, we use the actual fish for making our fish sauce, not just remnants of various fish caught. Our MSG-FREE Patis is made from dilis that is drained, pasteurized, and bottled separately.  And, at only Php50 per bottle (750ml),  it’s a healthy and budget-satisfying way to enjoy your meals! Siguradong Purong Sarap!

+ + +

Watch out for our upcoming recipes and news updates! We will soon be featuring recipes using our purong dilis Patis!

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Please email us for any inquiries at milagroshomecooking@gmail.com or leave us a message at our Facebook page. Unfortunately, we do not have deliveries yet, but are available for product pick-up on Sundays at the Weekend Market area. 

PLEASE NOTE: As these are homemade, we request that orders must be placed at least two (2) days before pick-up date to ensure that we can provide you with your order.

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