Looking Forward

Over here at Milagros Filipino Home Cooking, we are truly excited for the upcoming month!

This month is truly a scorcher, so please make sure to keep cool, drink lots of fluid and enjoy your summer safely. Have you tried our Halo-halo in a bottle yet? Make like a villain and start chillin’ with a scoop of that, some milk and lots of ice to keep your afternoons icy cool and sweet! Order now!

We’re expanding! Ongoing changes online and beyond for our new location so please make sure you get the updates, especially in the coming weeks.

If you’re enjoying our recipes, do let us know! Give us a shoutout! Got a pic of you enjoying your Milagros product or a pic of you making one of our recipes? Connect with us through social media with the hashtag #milagroshomecooking :

Facebook: Milagros Home Cooking
Twitter: @MilagrosFHC
Instagram: @milagroshomecooking

June’s pretty busy with something new in the works, so our June recipe may be delayed for quite a bit.

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