2018 Holiday Party Packs Menu

Minimum of Php3000/ order
Please place your orders at least 5 days prior . This is for Pick up only. 

Food is cooked fresh (per order), comes in an aluminum food container.
Food is good for 6 to 8 persons

Spanish Stew beef chuck cooked with fresh tomatoes and bell pepper with chorizo php 1,750

Beef in Japanese curry beef chunks with potato carrots green beans in thick Japanese curry php 1,500

Beef Pochero slow cooked beef in tomato sauce with bell pepper, potatoes, saging saba and cabbage php 1,500

Pork Binagoongan pork belly stewed in Milagros bagoong with eggplant okra and pechay php 1500

Lechon Kawali twice cooked pork with a side of ensaladang tagalog php 1500

Asian marinated slow roasted pork ribs php 1350


Spicy chicken with basil php 950

Lemon garlic whole roasted chicken php 1000


Baked fish (cream dory) with lemon and garlic php 950

Thai style fish cake w/ sweet and spicy sauce php 950

Tilapia with spicy tamarind sauce php 1000


Ginataang sitaw at kalabasa with shrimps php 625

No meat pinakbet php 500

Ensaladang Tagalog w/ a bottle of milagros bagoong php 550

Noodles and pasta
Good for 12 / order

Special Pancit Luglog php 1000

Bihon Guisado php 800

Spaghetti Bolognese php 850

Milagros Lasagna php 800