Summer feels



It’s only March but we are already feeling the summer heat!  It’s time for another round of celebrations (graduation and prom, here we go!)

Time to plan for summer holidays and weekend outings, wouldn’t you say? Do check out our menu options for that intimate celebration you may have for your loved ones as you celebrate a new milestone or chapter in their life! Or, make a romantic gesture just because and book an exclusive lunch/dinner with us with all the add-ons (check out our romantic set menu for 2, complete with a violinist!)

Summer is also time to grow and learn — so why not have a cooking workshop with us? Make it a team building or barkada fun time by booking a group workshop (minimum of 4, maximum of 6 for a hands-on workshop!)  Email us directly for details (don’t forget to add your contact info and company, if any!)

We also offer Milagros as a venue for capsule workshops, like our recent #Photowalkwithliz last February! Are you interested in sharing your knowledge or hosting a capsule workshop in Tagaytay? Email us and let’s collaborate! Let’s make summer a passion-filled one!





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