Our Products

Milagros Filipino Home Cooking offers homemade, “proudly local” products that are MSG-free. All of our products are made in Malabon.

Milagros Bagoong comes in regular, sweet and spicy variety. Proudly MSG-free, we bottle our bagoong ourselves and use fresh ingredients to ensure its quality.

Milagros Patis (fish sauce) is made with purong dilis (unlike others which is made from leftover fish) and is yes, it is also MSG-free.

Milagros Halo-Halo in a Bottle is made with several minatamis na sangkap (sweetened components) including red beans, nata de coco and ube. It’s ideal for a hot day paired with milk and ice (or just milk if you want a ready to eat sweet treat!)

Milagros Products
Please email us for any inquiries at milagroshomecooking@gmail.com or leave us a message at our Facebook page. Unfortunately, we do not have deliveries yet, but are available for product pick-up on schedules agreed upon beforehand.

PLEASE NOTE: As these are homemade, we request that orders must be placed at least five (5) days before pick-up date to ensure that we can provide you with your order. 

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