MILAGROS Special Set Menu for Two

Strictly by Reservation only, with at least 3 days prior notice (we will be updating this menu soon for 2018, so please stay tuned!)

The set menu is priced at Php2800* and is good for 2.
It comes with the soup of the day, side vegetables and dessert, and a carafe of iced lemongrass tea

We can also provide a bouquet of flowers for an additional cost.

*Price is non-VAT inclusive.

Choice of

Paella Milagros
Long grain rice cooked in broth with Spanish saffron, chorizo, chicken, mushroom, and clams


Callos ni Milagros
Slow cooked ox tripe in thick tomato and paprika sauce with potatoes



Paella Chorizo
Long grain rice cooked in broth with two kinds of chorizo and mushroom topped with roasted bell peppers



Porchetta Tagalog
Slow roasted pork belly with a sweetened sampaloc glaze, served with sweet potato mash and roasted bell peppers



Milagros Lasagna
Lasagna with beef ragu and spinach bechamel sauce, topped with mozarella cheese


Prawns with Warm tomato basil dressing
Pan Fried Wild Prawns with warm tomato basil dressing