Spicy Bagoong Now Available!

For a limited run we are now offering a new variant, Spicy Bagoong! Have you tried it yet? Add some heat into your dishes with this delicious and spicy treat, perfect to heat up some of your best-loved comfort food.

Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

We are so happy to share the filipino goodness of our products! Milagros bagoong will soon be available in Iloilo ( and soon other places as well!)
Keep on checking our site for more places where you can buy Milagros Home Cooking Bagoong 🙂


Our Patis is proudly Local, proudly Pinoy

A Malabon specialty, our patis (fish sauce) is homemade and msg-free and yes, made with purong dilis so you’ll be getting all the fishy goodness with every drop! It’s perfect for this month’s recipe too! 🙂 Email us for orders!