Celebrate Mother’s Day with us!


Enjoy hassle-free dining as you celebrate Mother’s Day with the family here at Milagros. We offer set menus that will definitely satisfy your appetite, or why not customize your meal with choice selections from our a la carte Menu? Make your reservations now!

Our Patis is proudly Local, proudly Pinoy

A Malabon specialty, our patis (fish sauce) is homemade and msg-free and yes, made with purong dilis so you’ll be getting all the fishy goodness with every drop! It’s perfect for this month’s recipe too! 🙂 Email us for orders!


Looking Forward

Over here at Milagros Filipino Home Cooking, we are truly excited for the upcoming month!

This month is truly a scorcher, so please make sure to keep cool, drink lots of fluid and enjoy your summer safely. Have you tried our Halo-halo in a bottle yet? Make like a villain and start chillin’ with a scoop of that, some milk and lots of ice to keep your afternoons icy cool and sweet! Order now!

We’re expanding! Ongoing changes online and beyond for our new location so please make sure you get the updates, especially in the coming weeks.

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June’s pretty busy with something new in the works, so our June recipe may be delayed for quite a bit.

Purong Sarap (Pure Deliciousness!)

Puro sa sarap

Locally known as “Patis“, fish sauce is used as a cooking ingredient or a condiment in the Philippines, is usually a byproduct of the fermentation process when creating bagoong. It’s a popular ingredient for most Asian dishes, and the Philippines has made it into a daily staple on their tables.

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Recipe: Bagoong Rice

A recipe that’s so EASY to make you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done it before! Rice is a staple for many Filipinos, and this recipe is an easy and delicious way to spice up a household staple.

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Where can I buy/get products from MILAGROS?

Please email us for any inquiries at milagroshomecooking@gmail.com or leave us a message at our Facebook page. Unfortunately, we do not have deliveries yet, but are available for product pick-up on Sundays at the Weekend Market area.

PLEASE NOTE: As these are homemade, we request that orders must be placed at least two (2) days before pick-up date to ensure that we can provide you with your order.